Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spoke too soon...

I spoke too soon, we had about 10 inches of snow last night. It was an incredible storm that started as a huge thundershower, then about an hour later the rain turned into these AMAZINGLY huge snowflakes. I was thankful to be at home with the kids enjoying the beauty of it, intead of driving in it like Steffan. I know that spring is a tease here in Colorado, but it is absolutely beautiful. I wouldn't trade it for anywhere in the world! And FYI, the sun is back to shining today! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring has arrived!

It is Spring Break this week, and the kids are in heaven! No school and lots of SUN so far! Yes, I am working, and Peyton is supposed to be "resting" because he has a cough that we do not want to spread to Emily's twins (yes Emily is already back to work watching Peyton and teaching piano!). But I don't think he has laid down our even watch a minute a TV. He has just been playing away in the backyard. Can you blame him?! I wish I was out there playing too! I am working from home today and trying to get all my meetings and calls in, even though Peyton is never silent, always humming, singing or talking. Even work seems more bearable with this weather! :) Of course it is spring, so it won't last....rain and snow are forecasted for Tues/Wed.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A new hobby...

This last year I have been enjoying a new hobby, thanks to a Quilting group with my church (and Chelsie! Thanks!). I have been a long time scrapbooker, and never thought I could sew, but thanks to this incredible group of women/friends, I have learned to sew and create! We worked on this a large project all year, creating one block each month. I still have the border to go, but wanted to share my two creations thus far. And then during a girls scrapbooking trip to the mountains I found a cute valentine's quilt kit, which was so fun to create as well! I promised my friends I would share pictures when I finished, so here are the nearly complete quilts. I just ordered a new pattern and fabric for some table runners, so I will keep everyone posted!