Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas time is here! (Amy breaks the silence)

When it is FREEZING here in Colorado, (after an incredible Fall) it is impossible to deny that Winter and Christmas time are here! We came home from a great Thanksgiving in New Mexico, and it was already December, so I immediately felt behind. (Yes, I always feel like I am behind!) My Mom and Dad had their house decorated even before Thanksgiving - so the pressure was on from the kids. They just LOVE Christmas. What kid doesn't?! But they especially love decorating (and undecorating, and decorating again!)

So, we finally got the tree up, the lights on, the ornaments in place, the garland on the stairs, and the stockings hung. I finally gave up on Steffan doing any decorating - I even put lights on the outside of the house. (Steffan hates all the decorating, but it must be genetic. My sister-in-law says the same thing about her husband, and she even got on the roof pregnant last year to get her house decorated.) But the kids LOVE it, so I let them go to town decorating as much as they want. This year we even got a Nativity from my Grandma. Mya and Peyton adore it. Mya even spoke about it in her talk last week.

I also got a lot of things done around the house this last week. I love to clean out the old toys and clothes of the kids and give them away to families in need. So, I took several days to go through EVERYTHING in their rooms. I like to include the kids in the action, so they understand that they need to give to kids in need. So, Mya jumped in and helped me out. You can see a picture of the chaos:

We had an incredible weekend this last week - doing all sorts of great Christmas things! We planned to go to the Zoo lights, but it was way too crowded. So we had to give up on that one....for now! But Saturday we went to Jen's Nordstrom store to wish her a Happy Birthday! And for their Christmas Party for the kids. We had a great time, and the kids always love to see their Aunt Jen. Then Steffan and I took Mya to the Nutcracker Ballet. (Yes, Steffan went to the Ballet see the proof below.) It was incredible, and Mya had a great time! Now she has to listen to the Nutcracker music each night, and play with her Nutcracker dolls.

After the Nutcracker, we met up with the entire family to go to eat at the Spaghetti Factory downtown and then go see the Christmas lights at the Denver City and County Building. This is an old Family tradition, and although dinner was a little crazy with all the kids, the lights were amazing as always! It really does feel like Christmas - I just love it!


Traci Anne said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! :) This is the best blog ever! Oh wait, probably because we have the best family of all time. I can't wait to come spend a few days with your kids... and you of course! I Love yoU!

Gorge Us Family said...

What a beautiful tree and amazing lights! It sounds so festive in Colorado. We are not so festive right now, just waiting to go out of town. Must hit it between storms, we are getting snow dumped on us today. Miss you tons!

Penning Family said...

cute pictures. It has been a long time since we have seen you all. Victoria has the same bedding as your little girl.Gotta love target.The lights are so pretty.