Saturday, March 7, 2009

LETTERS FROM STEVO: Dude, it's been busy...

Life has been busy with work, kids, sick kids, working out, playing Guitar Hero, causing trouble, and general insubordination. Some recent observations:

- You know you're getting old pluck a bunch of nose hairs and there's still a bunch left!

- I'm teaching the kids how to play bass on Guitar Hero. I play guitar since they call me Stevo Van Halen! Yeah, that's right...I can shred! I have them on the Beginner level where you just pluck the bass every time a highlighted bar comes up...I think even my mom-in-law could do it! Mya averages about 40% correct, while Peyton averages about 60%.

- I told Amy to write a blog for once...she responded that she is too busy...watching all that Grey's "Anatomy", Medium and Desperate Housewives.

- I participated in a drag race against Craig "He-Who-Has-a-Lead-Foot-Just-Not-Quite-Lead-Enough" Thornton. It was his Chrysler 300 against my Dodge Charger...both have Hemi's. Dusty flagged us and we raced about 100 yards down the street in the neighborhood. I would guess our cars have about the same size cajones' but I anticipated the snap count a little better and got the jump...never looked back. Bud said he could take us both in his premium gutless 4 banger KIA Crap Car! Just keep dreamin' Buddy!

- Speaking of Bud, he asked me to send him a picture of me, since I've working out, he thinks I already look vastly different. I responded the only picture he'd get from me would be one of my rear-end. He told me he wouldn't know the difference, it would look the same whether it was my face or my rear-end!


CraigT said...

REMATCH! My wheels were turned when we started. Also, I really am beginning to like some of Bud's comments. He has you pegged.

Renee said...

Hey...Greys Anatomy is important business...give a girl a break.