Monday, June 9, 2008

LETTERS FROM STEVO...Earth to you read me? Houston, we have a diva!

Mya has officially announced what her occupation in adulthood will be. It all started this past week... Amy and I got to go see her pre-school graduation and each distinguished, runny nosed graduate was given the opportunity to announce to the audience what they wanted to be when they grew up. Most of the kids said things like, firefighter, vet, mommy, etc. One boy said he wanted to be a "stay-at-home man"...hey, don't we all kid, I think they call it "self-employment". Then we get to Mya, and what does she say you ask? Mya said that when she grows up, she wants to be a fairy. Wait, come again?!? A fairy??? FAIRY??? What kind of an answer is that? We laughed (as did everyone else in the audience) but I was ultimately dumbfounded. How are we supposed to respond to that? So we began to question Mya about it..."so, Mya, why do you want to be a fairy when you grow up?" Or, "so, Mya, do you know anyone else who grew up to become a fairy?" And of course the obvious questions, "so, Mya, does it pay well? How are the benefits? What are the requirements to apply? i.e. schooling, certifications, etc." (yeah, maybe I am thinking about a career change, what's your point?!?) Her response has basically been that she wants to become a fairy because she just wants to and that she has never seen anyone become a fairy. We also asked her some logistical questions about how one goes about acquiring wings...It doesn't appear that she had put much thought into logistics at that point. That's where we left it...I'll keep you posted.
Mya has also decided that she wants to start a rock band. She of course is the lead singer and her girlfriends from school will fill out the rest of the roster. We discussed band names and I suggested "Fairy Princess"...she liked it initially but ultimately settled on "Wild Animals". I asked her if she was going to do Hannah Montana covers and she responded that she would prefer to come up with her own material. I figure Amy could be the manager, I'll handle security and be the announcer..."you wanted the best! You got the best..." And Peyton will hang out in the pit and initiate the moshing! That sounds like a solid business plan! She is taking piano lessons, so she's getting a good foundation. She is also doing dance again this year and is doing very well! I had the opportunity to see her in a rehearsal and she has it down pretty good! Not bad considering she missed a month with her body cast!
Finally, it was brought to my attention yesterday that Mya was very good in Primary...I wasn't aware that she was misbehaving before so I'm not quite sure how to take this report on my daughters behavior. I was then told that I needed to give her some positive know...a pat on the back...a good hand shake...because apparently my brain isn't developed enough to come to such conclusions on my own. Good behavior = positive reinforcement? Me understand!


Gorge Us Family said...

Too cute! At least she will be happy, unlike those of us that are stuck not doing exactly what we want.

Emily Shafenberg said...

I think Mya is really making progress. Last year she said she wanted to be a lion... now that is really impossible.