Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LETTERS FROM STEVO...That's right...I attended a chick concert!

On Monday, Amy and I went to a Sheryl Crow concert at Red Rocks. I had not been to that venue yet and I was definitely impressed with it. As we entered the venue, I noticed something out of place at the front. No room for a mosh pit! How can there be any moshing without a designated moshing area? Is this really even a concert venue? Were we at the right place? I soon realized after seeing the other concert attendees that even if there were a pit, I would be the lone mosher. There was a lot of estrogen in all it's varieties at that concert! The concerts I typically attend have louder and faster guitars and there is usually a mosh pit.

The opening act was a singer/songwriter named Belinda...ERRR Brandi Carlyle. I had never heard of her, apparently she's famous because some of her songs get played at the end of the Grey's "Anatomy" shows. You know, the part at the end of the show when there's some lady narrating (is it Grey talking? Or her anatomy?) and the cameras cut to each character blankly staring off into space as if they were pontificating Hawking's theory of black holes or something. I never catch the lyrics to the songs either (probably because I don't care enough to)...I'm sure the songs are of emotions and relationships backed by an acoustic guitar and a whiny voice singing said lyrics. At any rate, I kept forgetting that it's not Belinda, it's Brandi...I had to continually fight the urge to ask her if the Go-Go's were getting back together. To her credit, she and her band did a great cover of Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues."

Then came Sheryl Crow, one of Amy's all time favorite artists. She says she listens to her a lot when she's mad at me...apparently I'm her "favorite mistake." The concert was fun, I enjoyed observing all the middle aged people (especially the men) awkwardly try to kind of dance/move to the music (think deacon shuffle).


Emily Shafenberg said...

Steffan were you leading the deacon shuffle or just moshing in place? Did you get a T-shirt to remember this fun filled experience? It would be a great t-shirt to wear to flag football!!

Gorge Us Family said...

Sounds fun. Thanks for including pics of Amy. Now I know she is still alive.

Nataluscious said...

You kids look 18 again. And btw, I have the soundtrack to Grey's Anatomy. Those lyrics speak volumes ;). And yes, when I listen to them, I am always pontificating about Hawking's theory. Glad you had fun Amy! You deserve it :).

Renee said...

What a good husband!! But, Amy...hopefully I'll move back soon so you can have a fellow music appreciator to go with you to the shows that Steffan ridicules :)