Friday, May 15, 2009

Quickie With Stevo: My Apologies

UPDATE!!! After calling her out in a LETTER FROM STEVO, My Lady of the water finally decided to get in the damn pool and swim with her children. I'm finding this technique of calling her out via LETTER FROM STEVO quite effective. We were in the Grand Cayman the first week of May and I'm going to blog about it, but I'm waiting on Amy to download some pictures onto the computer so I can post them with the blog. So, I apologize for taking so long to can blame my better half. Meanwhile, Ma Busch is in town to party and Peyton is running around yelling, "beg for mercy!" and "I'm going to eat you for breakfast!" I swear on my Dodge Charger I didn't teach him this. I'll be back with the update on Grand Cayman...

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