Sunday, April 19, 2009

LETTERS FROM STEVO: Working Class Hero Vol. II- Eye of the Tiger!

For my next entry into the "Working Class Hero" series I will discuss my first official job. Now that I had the wise, sage like teachings of Ol' Ern under my belt, my parents and I...ok, mainly my parents thought I needed to get a job. It was the summer between my junior and senior year of high school and the perfect opportunity for entry level work materialized.

My parents liked to rent movies from a small, locally owned video store called Tiger Video. I can't remember the name of the dude that owned the store, but I remember he was a man large in stature (mainly around the waist) with a well kept pornstache and complimentary receding hair line...Sharp! We'll just refer to him as Mr. Pornstache at this point. I don't recall being interviewed by Pornstache following the submission of my application, but I was soon hired for the job!

I'm not sure what my job title was or what my job description entailed or what was even expected of me, but the following Monday I was thrown into the fire to learn the intricacies of the video rental business! Well, to keep a short story short, I just wasn't "getting it". Apparently, some of my inherent weaknesses are that I'm not a "good listener", and I'm not what you'd call "detail oriented". The first of many jobs to teach me that I basically suck at these skills, or I should say, I don't possess these skills. At one point, Pornstache had me sweeping the parking a dusty desert town!

On Friday, Pornstache came in and said he was going to Kentucky Fried Chicken. He came back a few hours later and informed me that he would call me when they were busy. Apparently, they never got busy again as he still hasn't called me!


CraigT said...

We owned a video store once. I doubt you would have made it there either. My moustache was more like the "frito bandido". Adios amigo.

Renee said...

ah...the story comes full circle.