Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LETTERS FROM STEVO...Revenge of the IBM Nerds!!!

So Amy has a presentation today at work. She has to present to her managers how exactly she is going to achieve her quota for this quarter. The two distinguished gentlemen above are who she is presenting to...just kidding! Apparently, one of her colleagues has prepared 22 PowerPoint slides for her respective presentation...boredom called...it wants its livelihood back! So Amy and I were discussing this topic this morning and I came up with an idea of what she should do.

I recalled the spirit of the 80's teen flicks. The structure of the movie always entailed the protagonist(s) being rather nerdy and unpopular. The conflict involves said protagonist trying to eradicate the unpopularity somehow...whether it be some hair brained gimmick or learning how to fight, etc. And of course ultimately the protagonist is attempting to win the heart of the popular varsity cheerleader who just so happens to be dating the jock/antagonist who is out to foil our heroes plans. The cheerleader always has sympathy for the nerd, while the jock always hates the nerd. Then eventually the nerd and the cheerleader fall in love and the world is transformed into a benevolent utopian society. In many of these movies there is a sequence where the nerd has to perform for someone or some group for some sort of approval...(think "Revenge of the Nerds", or "Bill & Ted") So with Amy being the "nerd" and management being the group that has to "approve", I decided that for her presentation, Amy needs bring in a boom box, dim the room lights so that flashy spotlights and disco balls can illuminate the room and "perform" her presentation. I'm thinking something along the lines of 80's/white suburban/nerd rapping, complete with colorful, hip 80's attire. She can't lose! They will love it! In fact, I'll bet they start dancing on the table! It's win/win all the way! Now of course, this whole scenerio begs the question...with Amy being the "nerd"...does that make me the varsity cheerleader? Rad! Dreams can come true!