Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mya....5 going on 15

As promised, I want to blog a little about Mya in celebration of her 5th Birthday! I remember every detail of the day Mya came into the world. As Steffan mentioned last week, it was such an amazing experience and a moment that simply changes you forever. Words and phrases cannot describe how I feel being a Mother. It is just a feeling and an emotion that is all consuming. Mya came into this world kicking and screaming about being disrupted from her peaceful slumber. She was born via scheduled C-section, since she was breach with the cord around her neck. She had a perfect round head and a gorgeous smile, dimple included. From the start she was independent, intelligent, and just amazing! She continues to amaze us! Mya loves to learn and explore and ask questions (I have already gotten the questions about child birth and where babies come from). She loves to meet new people and is constantly introducing herself to people everywhere we go. She has a bossy streak, no surprise to those who know me. And she is extremely stubborn, no surprise to those who know Steffan. She loves to dance, sing, play with horses and other stuffed animals and figurines. She always wants to dress up, put on make up, and glam everything up. She loves shopping and shoes, no surprise to those who know her Aunt Jen (Mya is a Nordstrom's Manager in training). And loves to bake and be a homemaker, like my Mom (this may be a surprise to those who know me!). She takes piano lessons from my sister Emily and loves music, thanks to Steffan's obsession with it. Her favorite thing is to "rock it out!" or do freeze dance. She loves our big family, and all the cousins and Grandma's she has, although she wishes we lived closer to Gavin and Grandma "LaLa" (where she gets the Drama Queen in her!). Mya has always been a joy in our lives! She has her moments of craziness and drama, but I love that wild streak in her. It keeps our lives full of adventure. We just love her!!

Mya Elizabeth

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Nataluscious said...

Count us among those on Team Mya! You brought out all the things we love about her too :) - what would K-squared do without her? Happy B-day Mya!!

Gorge Us Family said...

She is beautiful, isn't she?

Kimi D said... do they keep getting so old while i keep staying so immature?