Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First day of School!

Mya's First Day of Kindergarten....
Told by Mya:
"Once upon a time there was a girl named Mya. Mya went to Kindergarten for the first time. She had a great teacher, and two friends. Lauren and Ella. She had a great day, and her favorite thing to do was play and play. She also had lunch with her friends. And she learned to climb a pole. She loves Kindergarten."
Told by Mom:
I am not sure how time flew by so quickly, but here we are! Mya was so excited for Kindergarten, but of course a little nervous too. We walked to school from my Mom's house, although she wanted to ride her bike. We took a couple of pictures, although the sun was really bright and right in her eyes. She was so excited to see she had some friends in her class. And her teacher, Ms. Frankenfeld is amazing. She is so personable with the parents and so personal with the children. She is just perfect for Mya. She even asked Mya to bring her new favorite book to school tomorrow, since Mya just figured out how to read it. "The Foot Book" by Dr. Seuss. Yes, she really can read it. I am amazed! Yes, I am an annoyingly proud mom! So, we branched out to a new book, "I Wish for a Fish" tonight. She can do pretty well with it too. I am so proud of her, and hope we can somehow teach her to love to read. So far, so good!
So, after we met up with her class and teacher in front of the school, Ms. Frankenfeld told the kids to hug and kiss their parent's goodbye. Mya got this look of fright in her eyes, but said goodbye, found her nearest friend from Preschool, Ella, and grabbed her hand and walked into the school. They paused for one last wave goodbye. And yes, I did cry a couple of quick tears. It surprised me a little, since I have been taking her to some form of preschool/daycare since she was 2 months old, but this is a big step. I am so happy for her! And for a few months I was happy for me and my wallet! But then I added up the full day Kindergarten and the After school program, and I am not really saving a dime! Oh well! Kids will never get less expensive! ;)


Gorge Us Family said...

Oh, growing up! Such a cute and studious outfit for her first day. And mom cut her hair, too cute lady!

Traci said...

I think I squirted out a few tears reading your blog entry. She looked so cute and so excited for school. I remember when she was born like it were yesterday. Aw! I'm so glad I got to be there to see you before you left mom's house. I love you!

Rachel Mai said...

Congratulations, Miss Mya! I am sooo proud of you. So I was thinking while reading this post that I actually have children your age now. How do these things happen. Daniela is six and JP is five.

This is amazing!!!

Nataluscious said...

Mya looked so cute! :) And I can't believe you're not saving anything... oh the humanity!

BTW, a big GIANT kudos to Mya for reading. That is SUPER-impressive. Come over and teach my kids - ha. (It does bode well for Primrose which is on the list of considerations for K2's kindergarten year, even though we'll have to re-mortgage the house).