Friday, August 8, 2008

LETTERS FROM STEVO...Praise ye bw-3! We know we are not worthy to partake of thy delicious wings!

I served my two years in Columbus, Ohio, the birthplace of Buffalo Wild Wings! Of course, 11-12 years ago it was a fledgling chain of outstanding and thoroughly delish wings called "Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck" or "bw-3". The restaurant was started by 2 truly inspired dudes who I believe were in the Cleveland area. Needless to say, I dined there numerous times during my tour of duty! Every Tuesday was 20 cent wing day which was perfect for my meager, middle class (no extra funds from the fam) budget. As the resident zone leader, it was also imperative that I drag my fellow colleagues to this place...It didn't take much dragging as they were just as a big of fans! I lived in an apartment with 3 other dudes and we created our own bw-3 shrine that we frequently prayed and sang praises to with zealous fervor. The prayer/praise typically went as such, "Praise ye bw-3 for we know that thou art the greatest and thou maketh the most delicious buffalo wings!" We, as well as the other 200+ dudes-in-ties even had our own nickname for the restaurant...b-dubs.
There are now b dubs all over the country including 3 in my general vicinity! Needless to say my little family and I eat there every so often. Amy does boneless and the kids typically eat mac-n-cheese. I'm a spicy garlic guy myself...though back in the day I could handle the "blazin" but my palate has been de-programmed from the hottest of spices ever since I left New Mexico. But at any rate, we went to a new one tonight to break it in. Amy orders her usual combo of spicy garlic and Asian zing. Peyton decides he needs to try the wings! He licks them, takes little bites and of course it burns him! He whines a little...then takes another bite/lick...whines again...then proceeds to go at it again! This vicious cycle goes on for a while as Peyton just keeps burning himself but is so stubborn he has to keep trying it again! Dude is nuts, but he won't stop! I think by the end of dinner, he had drank all four of our drinks! As we walked out, Amy asked him if the wings were hot, to which Peyton in his 3 year old voice replied, "they're not hot, they're spicy!" I have to give Peyton credit, I wouldn't have done that at that age or even much older! Dude has some serious huevos! Or, issues depending on how you look at it!

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