Friday, August 22, 2008

LETTERS FROM STEVO..."Ode to Stevo" written by Edgar Allan...BUD???

Let me just start by saying we will not be implementing a playlist on our blog per the response I got from you. I have nothing against those who do playlists, it's just not our thing. Now, I am posting a poem that was written as a roast about me. Some background...I found out last week while talking to my grandpa, Bud Underwood, that he has a knack for writing poetry. Who knew??? Ma Busch didn't even know! So, I requested that he write a poem that roasts me and I would put in my blog. Well, apparently my wish was his command because I got it in the mail today! So, without further notice...I present "Ode to Stevo" by Bud Underwood.

One day he came a struttin'
Out of old New Mexico
Down there where the pinion
And that wild cactus grow

He ambled up to Ohio
To try to save a soul or two
Where he learned to watch the Buckeyes
While filling up the Mormon pews

Well, he didn't become a yankee
So we really have no fear
'Cause his heart remained Dixie
With those Tennessee Volunteers

Now he didn't care for Abba
Singing of the Dancing Queen
Or any of those cowboys
Twanging up the music scene

So he looked around
And I guess he had to settle
'Cause he ended up a jamming
To the sounds of heavy metal

Then he met that pretty Amy
And that really changed his tune
'Cause she showed him pretty quickly
Who had really hung the moon

And so we wrote this little song
From brother, friend, or granny
To show how much fun it is
To roast his big ol' fanny!

Thanks Buddy! I owe ya!


Gorge Us Family said...

Quite the talent Bud has.

Rachel Mai said...

I think I missed the playlist post. Let's just say that I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!!! I love my friends, but I hate their playlists. :)

The Ravsten's said...

Awesome! He's got some real talent.

CraigT said...

Bud is awesome. After having met him, I can see that he has a true fondness for Stevo and his family. Great poem! The only thing better than roasting Stevo is roasting a few ribs on the grill (Stevo style).

Buffington Family said...

Love the post!
Hey guys,
Amy mentioned you had a blog! Hope you don't mind that I helped myself to it. :) Your blog is much more entertaining than ours (I just report on the exciting happenings of our family). But if you want to check it out
See ya, Becca