Sunday, September 21, 2008

LETTERS FROM STEVO: And the Heisman goes to...Stevo???

So I went to Tennessee over the weekend and won the Heisman...Just kidding! As real as this picture looks, I'm not "actually" on the cover of SI, nor did I "actually" win the Heisman. But that is "actually" one of the Heisman trophies. How did I get to hold the Heisman you ask? I was able to accompany Bud and Big Dave to the Tennessee/Florida game on Saturday. Sports Illustrated was sponsoring a tent that had one of the trophies. We were able to take a picture with it if we simply filled out a survey that had to do with Nissan cars or can tell I paid attention to the survey, I think I did see something about 10% interest rate with 12 year loan at $550/month as I signed the document. The atmosphere of the game was great, with great traditions and obnoxious fans from both teams. Upon arriving, we were immediately met by some Florida fans who enthusiastically welcomed us to Knoxville! The Gator fans seemed a lot more excited about the game than a lot of the Vols fans (we were aware of our impending doom!) We watched the band march down the street towards the they played "Rocky Top" and the Tennessee Waltz I think I caught a tear in Bud's eye. Of course the game wasn't so great as the Vols got their butts handed to 'em.

Other than the blow out game we had a good time. We went boating, spoke copious amounts of B.S., Bud's pet feline, Mr. Pusse' chewed up the headphones to my ipod...I'm not 100% sure it was Mr. Pusse', it could've been Big Dave, you should see him when he gets hungry. I accompanied Bud and Char to a small country/bluegrass concert in downtown Dandridge. The opening act was simply a glorified karaoke singer. Bud and Char got up and danced in front of the stage. I saw that coming a mile away...Bud's a total dancing queen, not to mention a bit of a diva! As we left, the gay dude who organized the event was trying to get Char to dance with him. I think he was just using her to get to Bud! I entered Bud into my College Pick 'Em tournament under the username "Enlarged Prostate", then proceeded to kick his butt this weekend. Craig "He Who Takes Softball Way Too Seriously" Thornton had better sign up or I'll do it for him and he may not like his moniker either. I also had the opportunity to finally ride in Bud's Kia...the most gutless, wimpy 4 banger on the planet, not just any Kia, Bud's Kia. I decided that from now on anytime I refer to something as a "piece of sh*t", I'll just use the phrase, "piece of Kia". In all seriousness, it was a lot of fun and Bud and Char are fun and hospitable. Char is a great cook, I really enjoy eating the meals she prepares! I thank belly thanks you!

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Gorge Us Family said...

Perfect timing for a great trip. Right before the new job starts.