Thursday, September 11, 2008

LETTERS FROM STEVO...Survey Says! Male Escorting? Chip & Dip Party Consultant?

Now that the recent poll has closed, I have the results and I am a little shocked...3votes in favor of males escorting, 3 votes in favor of chip & dip party consultant, 2votes for professor of useless information and 1 vote for bouncer. Not a single vote for HR? Do you guys really want me to become a males escort? I'm glad I'm not relying on YOU PEOPLE to steer me in the proper career path!!! So thanks for nothing. By the way, Amy voted in favor of me becoming a male escort! That just coincides with what Amy has always thought about me. She is always trying to "objectify" me...I'm not an "equal partner" but merely an "object"...and not a very pleasant one at that. Why must men be treated like objects? I'm weary of the constant objectification of the male species! So anyway, Amy ordered the book above on should be here any day now.

The job search has been going surprisingly well. I had a second interview yesterday with a company called ACT Conferencing. They are based in Golden. It is a small company that promotes audio and visual conferencing resources, as well as quality customer service to any business that holds conference calls and online meetings. I would be doing HR. This is also the company I interviewed with last Friday. I felt I interviewed rather well (a skill I've developed a lot over the last 4 years). I was even thanked for an answer I gave to a question...I know, I'm a pretty good bullshi**er! I learned it from Amy and Bud. She asked if I could please stop talking to which I responded in the affirmative to which she responded, "thank you, now moving on..." Just kidding, it really didn't happen that way. I'm qualified for the job...I'm up against one other candidate so it will come down to who the better fit is.

In completely unrelated news...We had watched one of the Star Wars flicks and Mya decided that she would pretend that we were all characters from the movie. She is of course Princess Leia, Peyton is Luke Skywalker and I'm Darth Vader...hey, if the shoe fits...She decided that Amy is Yoda! That is hilarious!!! Amy says it is because she is so wise...sure Amy...just keep telling yourself that!


Nataluscious said...

Steffan, Steffan, Steffan. We all know Amy didn't order that book. It's the book you keep under your pillow, right next to How to Win Friends and Influence People. Those two books are what make you, YOU.

The Ravsten's said...

Oh goodness....thanks for the smile at the end of a hard day...good luck with escorti....wait, HR.