Sunday, December 16, 2007


I do not believe in Santa. I believe in Jesus. I have heard you can believe in both.....keep reading. I know, I know - everyone hates that I do not believe in Santa. Everyone asks in shock, "How could you not teach your kids about Santa!?" Well this year I found out the hard way that it does not matter what I say or think. My kids believe in Santa. They love Santa! We visited this particular Santa at the Ward party, and he does not look even remotely real. But they believe! They want to watch every Christmas show and movie they can find. They want to write him letters, and send him pictures. They want to meet and pet Rudolph. None of this excitement comes from me. Mya and I even had an argument about Santa. She asked me, "Mom, do you believe in Santa?" I refuse to lie to her and told her "No, I believe in Jesus and Christmas is about Jesus' birth". She paused and said, "Well, I believe in Santa and not in Jesus." I explained to her that you can believe in both and told her again about the birth of Christ and all about Christmas. Well, she just shot back, "Then, you can believe in both, too, Mom!" She is 4.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I Love Colorado!

Seriously, I love Colorado! This is my first posting on my first blog...and there are two things I love most in life - Family(which includes friends) and Colorado! Here is a glipse into one of my favorite Colorado seasons - Fall! We spent an awesome fall afternoon at the Pumpkin Patch. You cannot see in this picture, but the backdrop is the spectacular Colorado mountains, which my daughter proudly points out every time we are driving West (yes, usually to the mall!). And of course the sun is shining this day and most days in Colorado. Those mountains and the sunshine are the backdrop to my life. I can always look West and feel at happy. I am lucky enough to have a commute which offers me this view every morning on my way to work in Boulder. I hope you enjoy the small insight to my life! And hopefully I can get around to actually making frequent postings.