Saturday, July 26, 2008

LETTERS FROM STEVO...Congrats Big Dave! Happy Birthday Lisa! Supplemental Material...Humble Pie!

Hailey Brooke Busch was born to Big Dave and his wife Lyndley on Thursday in Farmington, NM. She was 7lbs. 12oz. and 21 inches long. I haven't been formally introduced yet, but she looks like a cutie to me! Mya may have some competition in the diva dept!

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to wish Mom-in-Law Lisa a happy birthday today! I'm not sure how old she is so we'll just call it 27. She was the first of Amy's family to give me a hug and has always been very generous to me and treated me with great respect. She has a tough job being married to Craig "He-Who-Must-Always-Find-The-Closest-Parking-Spot" Thornton, but she pulls it off with style and grace.

Finally, I had the opportunity to try some events from the Highland Games. The Highland Games are an old Scottish tradition that involve things like throwing rocks and hammers. It requires some skill and core strength...two things I don't have in abundance. Needless to say I didn't do so hot and being the hotly competitive guy that I am it was a little...embarassing. I figure with practice and core strength training I could get better. Afterall, my own brother, Big Dave took state in shot-put in high I know it's the genes, right? The whole experience was a big piece of humble pie...mmmm...delish!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

LETTERS FROM STEVO...Are you ready for some #$#@&! football???

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Fall! Football! I'm like a kid in a candy shop! Saturday College football! Sunday NFL football! Monday Night Football! Female College Cheerlead...EERRR...I mean school spirit...yeah that's what I meant...I know it's still a month away but I wanted to announce that I am creating a blog specifically dedicated to one of my passions in life and you can probably guess what that is by now...scrapbooking!!!! Just The blog will contain weekly thoughts on college and pro football as well as those friendly and not so friendly competitive events that occur throughout the football season...complete with the chance to "Stump the Stevo" every week...that shouldn't be too hard. If you love the game (or even like the game...or are maybe somewhat interested in the game) check out my blog at Refer your friends and neighbors! After all, we are a missionary people...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mya....5 going on 15

As promised, I want to blog a little about Mya in celebration of her 5th Birthday! I remember every detail of the day Mya came into the world. As Steffan mentioned last week, it was such an amazing experience and a moment that simply changes you forever. Words and phrases cannot describe how I feel being a Mother. It is just a feeling and an emotion that is all consuming. Mya came into this world kicking and screaming about being disrupted from her peaceful slumber. She was born via scheduled C-section, since she was breach with the cord around her neck. She had a perfect round head and a gorgeous smile, dimple included. From the start she was independent, intelligent, and just amazing! She continues to amaze us! Mya loves to learn and explore and ask questions (I have already gotten the questions about child birth and where babies come from). She loves to meet new people and is constantly introducing herself to people everywhere we go. She has a bossy streak, no surprise to those who know me. And she is extremely stubborn, no surprise to those who know Steffan. She loves to dance, sing, play with horses and other stuffed animals and figurines. She always wants to dress up, put on make up, and glam everything up. She loves shopping and shoes, no surprise to those who know her Aunt Jen (Mya is a Nordstrom's Manager in training). And loves to bake and be a homemaker, like my Mom (this may be a surprise to those who know me!). She takes piano lessons from my sister Emily and loves music, thanks to Steffan's obsession with it. Her favorite thing is to "rock it out!" or do freeze dance. She loves our big family, and all the cousins and Grandma's she has, although she wishes we lived closer to Gavin and Grandma "LaLa" (where she gets the Drama Queen in her!). Mya has always been a joy in our lives! She has her moments of craziness and drama, but I love that wild streak in her. It keeps our lives full of adventure. We just love her!!

Mya Elizabeth

1 Year Old

2 Years Old

3 Years Old

4 Years Old5 Years Old

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Quickie with Stevo- Sweep the Leg!

Since we were on the subject of 80's teen movies, I wanted to share a music video that spoofs "The Karate Kid". The music video is by a band I've never heard of called No More Kings. The song is called "Sweep the Leg" and talks about the antagonist in the Karate Kid, Johnny who was played by William Zabka. Zabka directs and stars in this video...which shows us what "Johnny" is doing in the present day. Ralph Macchio is also in it, as is the Sensei that tells Johnny to "Sweep the Leg". It's pretty funny...the link is You can also catch it on Youtube.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

LETTERS FROM STEVO...Revenge of the IBM Nerds!!!

So Amy has a presentation today at work. She has to present to her managers how exactly she is going to achieve her quota for this quarter. The two distinguished gentlemen above are who she is presenting to...just kidding! Apparently, one of her colleagues has prepared 22 PowerPoint slides for her respective presentation...boredom wants its livelihood back! So Amy and I were discussing this topic this morning and I came up with an idea of what she should do.

I recalled the spirit of the 80's teen flicks. The structure of the movie always entailed the protagonist(s) being rather nerdy and unpopular. The conflict involves said protagonist trying to eradicate the unpopularity somehow...whether it be some hair brained gimmick or learning how to fight, etc. And of course ultimately the protagonist is attempting to win the heart of the popular varsity cheerleader who just so happens to be dating the jock/antagonist who is out to foil our heroes plans. The cheerleader always has sympathy for the nerd, while the jock always hates the nerd. Then eventually the nerd and the cheerleader fall in love and the world is transformed into a benevolent utopian society. In many of these movies there is a sequence where the nerd has to perform for someone or some group for some sort of approval...(think "Revenge of the Nerds", or "Bill & Ted") So with Amy being the "nerd" and management being the group that has to "approve", I decided that for her presentation, Amy needs bring in a boom box, dim the room lights so that flashy spotlights and disco balls can illuminate the room and "perform" her presentation. I'm thinking something along the lines of 80's/white suburban/nerd rapping, complete with colorful, hip 80's attire. She can't lose! They will love it! In fact, I'll bet they start dancing on the table! It's win/win all the way! Now of course, this whole scenerio begs the question...with Amy being the "nerd"...does that make me the varsity cheerleader? Rad! Dreams can come true!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

LETTERS FROM STEVO: Diary of a Madman!

Mya's birthday went off without a hitch (thanks largely to Amy)...celebrating Mya's fifth birthday made me reflect a little about my blonde haired, blue eyed diva. I recall the day she came out via C section (and yes I watched the whole procedure...I'm a sick man!) and Mya was placed on the table to be examined like fungus in a petrie dish. She screamed and screamed and screamed! She was seriously ticked after discovering these new sensations of light and dry air, I felt a strange sense of foreshadowing of future events... As a newborn she would wake up every morning at 5am and I would lay her on my chest to fall back asleep. Not even a year old yet, she would pick up on my rather blunt and coarse language...I believe her interpretation of my word was, "sit!" She would laugh hysterically after saying it! And I curse every once in awhile! What are you gonna do about it??? In a nutshell, her birth may have been the single most euphoric event of my stubborn and sarcastic life!

Not to change the subject or anything, but...Amy has a strange habit of placing random things/clothes/scrapbooking materials on the dryer and leaving them there. I believe she considers it storage space. It drives me nuts! It's clutter and it's in the way! What could possibly be so wonderful about leaving random objects on the dryer??? I have a theory. I believe the act gives Amy some sort of high or something...that's the only thing I can think of. Maybe it releases certain amounts of seratonin in the brain like a narcotic...and Amy's addicted! I've been tempted to try this myself, but I fear the high may be too much for me to bear and I'll develop an addiction! Then imagine how much crap gets piled on that dryer!!! I don't even want to think about it...must...stay...strong... Wait! Maybe Amy has something deeply ENSCONSED in the pile of rubbish? I just had to use the word ENSCONSED because it's one I recently learned from Nat Gibson and I had been desirous to utilize this new little treasure. I get like that with new words...I have to use them. For example, my boss once taught me the word MOTIF and I was fascinated by it. You have to remember, I was schooled in small desert town academics where learnedness is not prized.

Peyton has decided that it's funny to pat my stomach and say, "big belly!" and then laugh hysterically! What gives! About a month ago, an opponent in flag football called me a "fat #%@!" after I mauled him a little...again, what gives! Like I need to be reminded that I have a bit of a weight problem??? So I'm a bigger guy...there's just more of me to love! I could not only bench press the guy in flag football, he would be my warm up! I've already put up my uncle Bill and Dustin (guy dating Jen)...and I've got my sights set on Cory and Craig "He-Who-Sunbathes-in-His-Backyard" Thornton.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Yes, finally a post from really, it is me Amy. I need to write a tribute to Mya on her 5th Birthday, but feel like I must write up a quick post on all the happenings in my life and the Busch household. I know I am the biggest slacker lately when it comes to my friends and postings. I am really sad about it. And very sorry I have been missing so much around me. I have learned to despise my computer and I cannot be on it enough for work, so I avoid it completely when I can. I enjoy my job, and it is going really well. But it is tough to "disconnect" from it. I could literally work all day and night and still have more to do. A sales person's dream come true - but not a Mothers!

We are having a great summer. I love summer, even though I can't fully enjoy it while working full time. Mya and Peyton have had to stick to their school schedules too, which is sad, but they do have some fun days during the summer where they have field trips and splash days. So that makes it more enjoyable. Plus my Mom makes sure to take them swimming, and to the lake, and out to lunch, and lets them stay in their PJs all day when they need to. What would I do without my Mom?!? They just adore her and love their days with her.

We really enjoyed the Fourth of July! We had a bike parade for the kids and then spent all day at the Lake. It was so enjoyable to just be with my family and soak in the sun and water. I do love this country and all the freedom and happiness it allows me. Mya learned to sing "My Country Tis of Thee" and was so excited that we also got to sing it at Church.

This is such a rambling post. SORRY! I am not sure what to write, I just know I need to....

Rachel will be proud to know I have kept up my running - and although I am not up to her level of Marathons and such, I am up to running a 5K. I run as often as I can (when I can get up!), and have really enjoyed getting up early and taking some time for my health and strength (mind and body). My kids also notice it, which is good. It is very difficult to teach my children a balanced life with all I have to do for work, but I am trying my best. If only I could get in more scrapbooking and reading! I do miss having a good book around. Recommendations anyone?
I have been working hard at my calling as the Enrichment Leader, hoping I am enriching someones life out there! :) I enjoy all the activities we have at least. We are doing the Fitness Club, Scrapbooking, Humanitary Projects, Temple trips, and have spend the summer doing Mother & Son night and soon we are doing Mother & Daughter. I am lucky to be working with my Mom on this calling, as she is the Enrichment counselor in the RS Presidency. Again, what would I do without my Mom!?!

In June we had a great visit with Steffan's Mom, Laura. She came to town for a week and got to sleep in our newly finished basement! It was so much fun to have her here. The kids just LOVE seeing her and spending time with her. And Steffan loves talking her ear off and arguing with her. It gives me a nice break from it! LOL! Mya also had her dance recital in June. She did such a great job, and really enjoyed dance this year - even with her 6 weeks off from surgery. She taught the dance to all her boy cousins, and showed it off to everyone. Isn't her costume adorable?
Well, enough of my ramblings. I could probably write all night. I will also do a birthday post on Mya. Can you believe she is 5?!?!