Sunday, February 15, 2009

LETTERS FROM STEVO: Ponderings of Peyton...or Pontificating, or whatever you want to call it

I want to dedicate this blog to Peyton. Peyton has many nicknames, most of which were dubbed by yours truly...Peyt, P, Mr. P, Pete, Mr. Pete, Screamin' Pete, PeteMagic, Chuck, Shrimpy, Little Pete (his cousins call him Pete too, and also refer to me as "Big Pete"). Peyton's loves include his mama, his sister, plants in all their variety, music, and playing with his cousins. Peyton strongly dislikes, authority, anything that represents authority (namely his dad), and...oh yeah, being told what to do! Today, Peyton was undressing a babie doll and Amy had to put a stop to it. She grabbed the barbie and attempted to take it from Peyton. They soon found themselves in a tug of war with Peyton shouting, "I stronger than you!" Peyton has also learned some quotes of wisdom from his father. When I ask Peyton what he likes, he'll say "chicks and cars!" I've attempted to expound on this by adding "fast cars and fast women" but Amy gets mad at me. In fact, the kids will throw me under the bus whenever I say it..."Mom! Daddy said women!" I also tell Peyton to get a job, but he just repeats it rather than going out and applying for job's tough market out there, jobs aren't coming easy! Amy taught him a saying that relates to his love for his moon's straight out of Napoleon Dynamite, "hey Peyton, do you like your boots?" To which Peyton replies, "heck yes!"

Overall, I'd say Peyton is a good kid. The key to interacting with him is if he approaches you, lay down and pretend that your dead...he'll walk up to you, sniff you and eventually that point your good to go!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quickie With Stevo...Eye of the Tiger!!! GGGRRRR!!!!

I've been working out at this gym with a trainer and I've learned a ton about properly working out and eating better and more effective cardio, etc. For example, I wasn't aware there were a million ways to work your lats! FYI, there are also millions of ways to work your abs! I didn't think doing a lunge would be so difficult! The gym does have it's quota of juice fueled beefcakes, but overall, most of the folks are regular schmucks like me just tryin' to get by. One night, my trainer taught me this tricky little maneuver that I call "the Lunge N' Point". Essentially, you lunge then twist your body (flexing your abs and olbiques of course...because every exercise is an ab exercise!) This isn't a stationary exercise either, you're moving forward lunging then pointing. The night the trainer had me perform this awkward looking exercise, we lunged and pointed right by some massive beefcakes benchpressing a good amount of weight. I have to say, it was a little embarrassing, I'm a big guy, I can lift a good amount of weight, I don't embarrass myself in the weightroom, but lunging and pointing in the weightroom was enough to make me blush...especially in front of afore mentioned juice fueled beefcakes...and lunge and point and lunge and point and lunge and point.

Musings from Mya....Testimony

Mya decided tonight that she wants to work on a "talk", like the other kids give on testimony Sunday. I told her that those kids are just talking about the things that they believe. So, here is what she wants to tell people:

"I believe in Jesus and Jesus believes in me. I love Jesus and he loves me too. I believe in the Holy Ghost, because he is real."

So simple, but so true...