Thursday, August 19, 2010

It has been several months since the last blog posting, so many of you will be shocked to know we are alive and well….and just got finished living at my parent’s house for the last 3 months, while building a house, which we just moved into over the weekend. The house is up the street from the kid’s school and down the street from my parent’s home. It is a perfect location, and a beautiful home and floor plan. We loved our last home of 5 ½ years, but were ready for an upgrade and a change. We LOVE our neighborhood and being close to family, so we stayed very close by.
With the end of the school year, we had many fun activities and events. Peyton started T-Ball, coached by Uncle Cory and Grandpa Craig. The team consisted of all his cousins and buddies from church, so it was a lot of fun for all. It was a long season of forcing him to put on the uniform, but he loved being a part of the action – play first base or pitcher were the best spots for him! Peyton started his first day of Kindergarten yesterday. He loves his class and his teacher, Mrs. Frankenfeld. Mya just started 2nd grade with Mrs. Kappan. She is a little book worm, and loves the socializing that school gives her. She frequently wishes we were all born smart, so she would not have to go to school.
We spent the summer out at the lake, the pool, the movies, and even on an adventure or two. We went to the Royal Gorge, which was a beautiful trip and lots of fun with our friends, the Gibsons. We went to Tennessee for the Fourth of July (for a big happy 80th birthday to Steffan’s Grandpa Bud). We also had our first camping trip with with many wonderful friends up to Granby. And to top of the summer, the kids were the flower girl and ring barer for Kristen’s wedding. It has be an adventurous and amazing summer. We are so thankful for the family and friends that share in our experiences and always lend a helping hand! We couldn’t have made it through the move and the summer without them!