Monday, December 21, 2009

LETTERS FROM STEVO: Merry Christmas! I guess they could say, we would set this world ablaze!

I have not blogged in awhile because I wanted save everything for the Christmas blog. Consider this your Christmas card in my book. Amy will be sending out Christmas cards but personally, I don't think you're worth the price of a stamp...Our 2009 was full of pomp and circumstance and plenty of bragging for our brag letter. Here is our year in review...full of condescending and arrogant snobbery like you've never seen before:

- Peyton- Peyton went to pre-school, didn't get spanked as much, learned a little about a concept called, "reason" and rode some disney roller coasters completetly expressionless. He is learning how to play the piano and Amy says he is the next Beethoven. He also played soccer for the first time and Amy says he is the next Pele. He is so talented and smart and funny. Total chick magnet...Little Stevo in training. If you tell me different I will crack your kneecaps.

- Mya- Mya completed Kindergarten and took 1st grade by storm. She is making friends and chasing boys. She had a massive sleepover for her birfday followed by a giant lake party. She is sooo popular and she's basically a genius. She is also playing piano. Amy says she is the next Alicia Keys. She is currently in cheerleading and gymnasties...Amy says she is the next Greek goddess of the Olympiad. Take me to the Oracle at Delphi O Greek Goddess!

-Amy- HHMMMM....not much to brag about here....

- El Stevo Diablo- HHMMMM....not much going on here either...

- Amy and Stevo together- We went to the Grand Cayman and set that island ablaze! We swam with the dolphins, made out with stingrays, saved the whales, smote our enemies, found buried treasure and lived it up at the Ritz...We also attended DisneyWorld with the rugrats, with Amy and Tiff as our guides we divided and conqured every square inch of that magic kingdom of plastic!

In summary, we didn't lose our jobs this year, we didn't get excommunicated and we didn't do any serious time behind bars.

Merry Christmas and may you all enjoy your 2010 as much as we enjoyed our 2009!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Fun....Oh My!

It is officially cold and that means I am officially behind on my blogging. We had an awesome Halloween, Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season. We have been having a great time making memories and enjoying life! Steffan and I are truly enjoying the age of our children. They make us laugh everyday and temper tantrums are happening less and less. Here is a quick update with pictures on what we have been up to.
Mya and Peyton had to dress as Batman and Batgirl, so I made Steffan get in on the action as the Joker (of course he scared all of the children, so eventually he had to take the mask off!), I dressed as Catwoman. It was an incredible 31st Birthday!

We spent Thanksgiving in New Mexico with Steffan's family and had such a blast. Mya and Peyton had so much fun with Gavin and Hailey and Grandma LaLa - of course Missy the dog and Grandma's hot tub were a plus as well. They also enjoyed one of Steffan's favorite past times, playing in the dirt. They did this for hours(Steffan's brother just moved into a new house and they haven't finished the backyard yet). They also enjoyed bowling, the trampoline, jumping castles, and visiting Santa at the mall. :)

Mya had her first Cheer leading show, and her and her team did a great job! She is the smallest of the bunch so has to be on top of all the lifts and pyramids. Although afraid of heights she does great and looks adorable!

We are so excited for Christmas and have been getting into the spirit by decorating the house inside and out! We also made a visit to the local Retirement center/Nursing home to share some Christmas carols and holiday cheer. The kids were so adorable! You will have to keep your eyes open for Tiffany's or Emily's blog as I didn't get any pictures. I just love the holidays - so many wonderful memories and time with the family!